🎯 Ultimate OKRs

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📈 Master Your OKRs with the Ultimate Notion Template

Struggling to keep track of your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)? Meet your new productivity partner: The Ultimate OKRs Notion Template, powered by Notion Automations.

Why You Need This

  • 🎯 Streamlined Objectives: Easily add new objectives and assign them to specific periods.
  • 📊 Key Result Tracking: Two types of Key Results—Target and Limit—adapt to your goals.
  • 🗓 Period Management: Customize your OKR periods with start and end dates.
  • 📈 Checkins: Record your progress without manual calculations.


1. Easy Objective Management

  • Add objectives with a single click.
  • Automatically categorize objectives as Active, Past, or Upcoming.

2. Flexible Key Result Types

  • Target Key Results for goals you want to reach or surpass.
  • Limit Key Results to keep measures below a certain threshold.

3. Period Customization

  • Add and edit OKR periods effortlessly.

4. Checkins Made Simple

  • Update your Key Results with easy-to-use checkin options.
  • All calculations are automated. No manual work needed.

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🎯 Ultimate OKRs Notion System

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🎯 Ultimate OKRs

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